Inizio Global Trading Corporation

Connecting global alliances to work for you.

About Us

IGTC, a woman-owned business, specializes in airline, hotel, and restaurant supplies. IGTC has in-depth knowledge of the industries that can benefit your business. Our clients always receive personalized service for fast and accurate communication. We are best known for providing high-quality products that are not only competitively priced but also delivered on time. We serve the United States nationwide and also serve overseas.

Core Competencies

Areas of expertise include but are not limited to quality assurance, quality control, operations and logistics. Due to our thorough knowledge of the industries we are involved in, IGTC can be a trusted solution for our customers. We cater to our customer’s needs and take great pride in providing the very best service.


  1. SAM
  2. WBENC-West
  3. WBE
  4. USCFR

Reasons why you should choose us


IGTC is dedicated to acquiring and maintaining international and domestic suppliers and customers. We understand our customer’s needs and we will strive to provide creative, innovative, and affordable solutions.


Our vision is to be viewed as the leading trading company in the United States. We strive to achieve this by consistently providing superior products that are competitively priced and delivered on time.


Produce, package, distribute, transform, and customize our products to fit our client’s needs.

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